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Watsu 3 in Poland

* 1. Name and surname
* 2. Street address
* 3. Address
City, ZIP code, country
4. Phone with country extension: +
For emergency sms contact
* 5. E-mail
6. I am
All eating
7. Please help me with:
If you choose Other please specify in the field of Message to Organizer at the end of this Form.
Transfer from the airport
Transfer to the airport
Arrange additional stay
Arrange accommodation for additional person
Arrange a visa
No, thank you, I will arrange all by myself
* 8. I have
Compleated Watsu 2 and passed a Supervision of Watsu 2
Completed Watsu 2 and want to arrange my Supervision before the class
* 9. I want to participate as
Full time Student (800 Euros for class + hotel and meals during whole course)
Auditor (620 Euros for class + hotel and meals during whole course)
Other (specify in the Message to Organizer)
* 10. I want my invoice for
A person
A company
11. If company, please provide data
Company name, adress, tax number
* 12. I am going to take part in Watsu Conference 2-4 October in Krakow
13. Message for the Organizer
* 14. Name ans surname (Signature)
I state I know and accept terms and conditions of participation in Watsu 3 course on 27th September - 1st October 2015 in Wadowice, Poland available at
* 15. Date


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