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FRSB Arches and Legs 2-4.10.2015 Krakow

* 1. Name and surname
* 2. Address
Street, city, ZIP code, country
* 3. Phone
* 4. Email
* 5. I want my invoice to be issued for
Private person
6. If company, please provide data
Company name, adress, tax number
* 7. I want to receive as a part of students material a Songbird products
Fascial Release Wax 20g
Massage Wax 20g
* 8. I want to receive information about other trainings organized by HandsOn
* 9. Name and surname (Signature)
I state I know and accept terms and conditions of participation in FRSB Arches and Legs workshop, 2nd - 4th October in Krakow, Poland available on
* 10. Date


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