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Cloud-seat - the new level of comfort kopia

Hello, we are Marta and Michal - students of International Management faculty at Gdansk University of Technology. As a part of our study we are conducting a survey concerning your opinion about our product; "Cloud-Seat"- this is a modern chair equipped with ultra quiet venting fan and handy USB-hub which will give you an indescribable comfort during long office hours.
Would you please take about 10 minutes to answer some questions? Your answers will be kept confidential.
* 1. Are you 18 years old or older?
Yes No (Terminate)
* 2. Are you a student or an office worker?
Yes No (Terminate)
3. Define your gender
Female Male
4. In what kind of circumstances do you have a need for comfortable sitting?
In the office
At home
At school
5. Do you need air conditioning at work?
Yes No It's not important for me
6. Do you need USB charging at work/home?
Yes No
7. How much time daily do you spend sitting at a desk?
1-3 h 3-5 h 5-9 h More than 9 h
8. What do you like to sit on?
Chair Armchair Sofa Bed
9. What kind of chairs do you use?
10. Do you pay attention to the comfort your chair provides?
Yes No
11. Please indicate your opinion
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNot decidedAgreeStrongly Agree
The ergonomic chair can give a comfort at work/home
The venting feature is helpful/useful
The "Cloud-seat" has a good appearance
The "Cloud-seat" is expensive
12. Do you think perforated seat can give comfort at work/home? (why)
Yes No
13. Do you prefer adjustable chairs?
Yes No It's not important for me
14. Does the venting feature seem to be appealing to you?
Yes No
15. What colour of the chair do you prefer?
Black Grey Silver
16. How often do you charge your phone battery?
Once a week Twice a week Once a day
Twice a day or more
17. What extra functions should your chair provide?
18. Do you have to buy comfortable chair?
Yes No
19. Would you buy the chair "Cloud-seat" for the price of 99,99$?
Yes No


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