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The use of women and children in terrorist organizations

* 1. From which countries most of refugees arrive?
* 2. With which terrorist organizations are you most familiar with?
Tamil Tigers
* 3. Which Europe country, in your opinion, is the saftiest for now?
Czech Republic
I have no opinion
* 4. Do you feel safe in your country?
I am not sure
* 5. Do you think that refugees coming to Europe are people who really run away from war?
I am not sure
* 6. Do you think that women join terrorist organizations by their will or they are forced to do this?
By their will
They are forced
I have no opinion
* 7. In which way, in your opinion, kids are recruited?
By their parents
They are taken from their families
I have no opinion
* 8. Do the parents freely allow children to join terrorist organizations?
I have no opinion
* 9. How old, in your opinion, are these children?
Up to 5 years old
5-10 years old
10-15 years old
* 10. In which way adults are recruited to terrorist organizations?
By member of family or friend
As a result of reading brochures
By the invitation to the meeting promoting a certain ideology
I have no opinion
* 11. What are the causes that adults allow themselves to be recruited to terrorist organizations?
Low social status
Belief in the rightness of terrorist organizations
Disappointment of current life
Joining because of friend or family member
I have no opinion
* 12. Where, in your opinion, people who are willing to join terrorist organizations get information?
By the internet
Magazines issued by terrorist organizations
Another way
* 13. Why, in your opinion, women want to join this kind of organizations?
As little girls they are sold to the organization by their families
Difficult financial situation
They are abducted
Because of a violation of conservative principles they have been pushed to the margins of society and they want to regain the good name in this way
I have no opinion
* 14. Do you think that terrorist organizations often use women and children in their activities?
I have no opinion
* 15. Do you know anything about the problem of sale of slaves in ISIS?
Yes, I know that this problem exists
No, I have never heard about it


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