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9th International Packaging Trade Fair Packaging Innovations in Warsaw

Dear Exhibitor,

Targi w Krakowie Ltd. would like to get your opinion of the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair. We kindly ask you to fill in the survey. Your opinion will help us to get to know your expectations and raise the quality of the show in the future.
1. Please fill out the form below
Company name
Stand number
Name and surname / position
2. Which area does your main activity focus on?
Packaging Production made of plastic
Packaging Production made of cardboard
Packaging Production made of glass
Packaging Production made of metal
Packaging Parts (closures, lids, dispensers)
Labels Production
Refining printing
Printing directly on packages
Services for packaging industry
Services for packaging / re-packaging / logistics
Packaging machinery
3. Customers from which industries are you most interested in? Please indicate on a scale from 1 to 6 (where 1 means "not very interested" and 6 "very interested").
Alkoholic beverage
4. How did your company advertise the participation in Packaging Innovations 2017 trade fairs?
In personal conversations
By direct mail / letter of invitation
By sending of printed invitations
By information on company’s website
By advertisment in specialist publications
By social media activities
No advertising efforts were made
5. How do you assess Packaging Innovations with regard to: (where 1 means "not good", 2 "acceptable", 3 "good", 4 "ery good")
Number of visitors
Quality of visitors
Business success
Organization and flow of the stand assembly
Technical support
Support by Packaging Innovations team
Stand location
Ambience / Atmosphere at the fair
6. 5. Would you recommend other companies to participate in Packaging Innovations trade fairs? (where 1 means “no, not at all”, and 6 “yes definitely”)
1 2 3 4 5 6
7. For what reasons would you recommend participation in Packaging Innovations trade fairs?
8. For what reasons would you NOT recommend participation in Packaging Innovations trade fairs?
9. From your current point of view, do you think that your company will also take part in the next Packaging Innovations trade fairs? (10-11 of April 2018)
Yes, definitely
Hard to say
No, definitely not,
10. What are your main objectives in participating in Packaging Innovations trade fairs?
11. Please mark your answer on the scale of 1 to 6 (where 1 means “objectives not achieved” and 6 “objectives achieved”)
1 2 3 4 5 6
12. In which media platforms in your opinion should we advertise Packaging Innovations trade fairs?
Industry Magazines
Internet platforms
13. How do you assess the current economic situation in your branch / industry?
Strong upward trend
Clear downward trend
14. Which social media platforms do you use for work purposes?
15. Would you consider participation in Packaging Innovations trade fair placed in Krakow?
16. Please note any further ideas, suggestions (future development, markets, trends) or criticism.


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