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Beer's gourmets

* 1. What is your marital status?
Single Married
* 2. What is your profession? Specify the best as you can.
* 3. What is your educational level?
Some high school, no diploma High school graduate or equivalent Trade/technical/vocational training
Associate degree Bachelor's degree Master's degree
Professional degree Doctorate degree
* 4. Which three beers are your favorite from the list below?
Budweiser Longboard Shock Top
Heineken Carlsberg Yuengling
Fat Tire Woodchuck Coors
Stella Artois Lech Zywiec
* 5. If you did not choose Heineken in the question above, why?
6. What determines your beer selection?
Cost Light Dark
Flavor Imported Domestic
* 7. How many beers do you drink usually during the week?
0-2 3-5
6-9 above 10
* 8. How often do you drink during the week?
Once a week Twice a week
Three days a week Every single day
9. Why usually do you drink beer?
I like it Have fun To relax and rest
Everybody drinks Boredom It's Friday
* 10. What do you like doing in your free time?
11. Have you ever tried any extreme sport?
Skydiving Motocross Flyboarding
Wakeboarding Bungee Jumping Snowmobile
BMX Rock climbing Parachuting
Kayaking Gliding Others ......................
* 12. What does 'responsible drinking' mean to you? Describe.


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