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European Watsu Instructors Conference, Poland 2020

1. Your data for registration for European Watsu Instructors Conference in Kobylczyna, Poland on 28th - 30th September 2020 organized by HandsOn Tomasz Zagorski in cooperation with Aquatic Therapy Development Association Watsu Polska.
The data collected in this Registration Form is used only for the purposes of processing of registration for the Conference and contact with participants in issues connected with this Conference. The data are protected with GDPR regulations.
Name and Surname
Adress e-mail
Mobile phone number
* 2. Do you want to receive invoice issued for:
If you choose company, please provide a company name, address and a tax number
A private person
A company
* 3. What are your food preferences?
The facility will prepare regular and vegetarian meals according to choices made during registration. If you have very specific food preferences, please bring most important things for you, since the facility may not be able to provide such products.
I eat everything
I am vegetarian
* 4. I will travel for the conference by:
The venue is located 65-70km away from Krakow Airport/City Centre. There is transportation option to and from the venue by car, cost is 10 Euro one way.
5. Do you have any requests to the organizer? Or share a useful information?
* 6. What kind of participation do you choose?
Full in person participation package include: accommodation 27/28 Sept, 28/29 Sept. 29/30Sept, meals starting from Dinner on 27th and ending with Lunch on 30th Sept. WABA 34 hours credits, social event on 27th, Gala Dinner on 29th Sept.

Online full participation for Instructors include access to all Conference sessions via Zoom plus WABA 34 hours credits

Online one day participation for Instructors or Practitioners include access to Conference sessions (designed for Instructors only of for Instructors and Practitioners) in selected day(s) via Zoom. It does not give WABA credits.

In person, full conference, including 34h WABA certification - 360 Euro
Online for Instructors, full conference, including 34h WABA certification - 150 Euro
Online one day access for Instructors, no WABA certification - 45 Euro
Online for Practitioners, full conference, no WABA certification - 100 Euro
Online one day access for Practitioners, no WABA certification - 35 Euro
7. If I choose one day participation it will be:
You can choose one or two or three days.
Monday for Instructors & Assistants (45 Euro)
Monday for Practitioners (35 Euro)
Tuesday for Instructors & Assistants (45 Euro)
Tuesday for Practitioners (35 Euro)
Wednesday for Instructors & Assistants (45 Euro)
Wednesday for Practitioners (35 Euro)
* 8. By signing below with my name and surname, I do register for the European Watsu Instructors Conference in Kobylczyna, Poland on 28th - 30th September 2020 and agree for the Conference Rules and Conditions described below.
Conference Participant states, that she/he participates in the event from the free will and for her/his own responsibility.
Conference Participant states, that she/he has not been in the area of high COVID-19 infection, and that she/he has not been exposed for contact with infected person/s in last 20 days.
Conference Participant will fill a COVID-19 Form upon arrival and will need to fulfill COVID-19 protection procedures (like social distancing, wearing masks, etc.) required by state regulation on the date when the Conference will be held.
The venue provides limited numbers of rooms, therefore Participants may be requested to share the room.
The Conference will be held in traditional version as well as in online version. Therefore Participants agree to be recorded for online broadcasting in real time and after the Conference.
The organizer reserve the right to cancel the Conference and do only online version in case of lockdown. In such case the fees will be returned.
Participants cancelation with refound is possible in a case of documented traveling restrictions. The deposit is for organizational costs covering and is not refundable.
Name and Surname:


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