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What are you searching for your doll?

* 1. Which doll size clothing would interest you the most? (max 2)
Small BJD (up to 35cm)
SD + (70cm)
Barbie, Monster High
Pullips, Taeyang, TangKou etc
* 2. What sex is most common in your doll collection?
Children (gender-free)
Pet dolls
* 3. How often do you change your doll's wardrobe?
Very often (every few days)
Very rarely (once every one-two years)
Quite often (once every few weeks)
They are dressed only once
Rarely (once every few months)
* 4. Do you collect clothing or use it once and then re-sell it?
I only sell pieces I no longer need or I'm bored with
I buy clothing once for a doll and then it stays this way
I use clothing only for one photo story (for example) and them give it away/re-sell it
I collect clothing according to my doll's style
* 5. Do you prefer pre-made clothing, finished projects to choose from or do you prefer your own ideas?
Pre-made clothing
My own ideas (made to order)
* 6. What color do you like most on your dolls (max 3)?
Whites and cream
Vibrant colors (yellow, red, orange)
Multicolor (whole rainbow)
Earth colors (brown, beige, green)
White + color
Black + color
Blacks and grays
Floral patterns, swirls etc
Geometrical shapes (stripes, dots)
* 7. What style do you like the most in your collection? (max 4)
High fantasy (unpractical fantasy clothing ;P)
Delicate clothes - tulle, ribbons, laces (also lolita)
Everyday clothing (specific brands or patterns)
Fantasy (medieval fantasy - armor pieces, tunics, vambraces etc)
School uniforms
Punk, metal, goth
Classic elegance (gowns, suits)
Jpop, Kpop etc
Simple everyday pieces (blouses, tshirts, trousers)
* 8. What clothing piece sounds most appealing to you? (max 4)
Dress (one piece)
Gloves / long gloves
Shirt / tshirt
Bag / backpack
Armor pieces (armlets, gauntlets etc)
De-attachable hood (for example on shirt)
Blouse (hoodie)
Cloak / cape
Weapon holsters
Shirt with frills/lace
Leather accessories (collar, gloves, hand accessories)
Belts (hip belt or belts for leg, arm etc)
Armwarmer/ legwarmer
* 9. Do you prefer buying whole set or seperate items?
Buy separately every piece
Half set (for example jeans + belt, shirt + armwarmers)
Whole set
* 10. What do you need THE MOST for your doll (and you think is difficult to find)
Accessories (belts, chains, pins)
Small clothing pieces (armwarmers, legwarmers, vambraces)
Head-wear (hats, crowns, headbands)
Outer-wear (cloaks, capes, jackets)
Unusual clothing (for example for dolls with bird legs)
* 11. Do you prefer clothing pieces with tight fit or loose?
* 12. Considering you want this item, what price range would interest you for a set with two pieces (shirt and trousers, dress and petticoat)?
Over 55$ if it's detailed (buttons, pockets, laces)
Under 20$
* 13. Is time a valid factor when you order clothing (not pre-made)?
No, I prefer it made well
Yes, but only if this item is complicated
Yes, I want my item as soon as possible
* 14. How important is to you "inside" of clothing? (lining, stitching inside of piece)
Not that important if it prevents clothing from being too bulky
I don't care about it
Very important (I want it fully professional)
* 15. Do you think there is something missing in the world of dolly clothing or accessories? What would you buy for your doll but cannot find it?
* 16. What contact do you prefer the most? (max 2)
Through shop (etsy, ebay etc)
Facebook (chat)
Facebook (private message)


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