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What are you searching for your doll?

* 1. Which doll size clothing would interest you the most? (max 2)
Pullips, Taeyang, TangKou etc
Barbie, Monster High
SD + (70cm)
Small BJD (up to 35cm)
* 2. What sex is most common in your doll collection?
Pet dolls
Children (gender-free)
* 3. How often do you change your doll's wardrobe?
Rarely (once every few months)
Very often (every few days)
Very rarely (once every one-two years)
Quite often (once every few weeks)
They are dressed only once
* 4. Do you collect clothing or use it once and then re-sell it?
I use clothing only for one photo story (for example) and them give it away/re-sell it
I buy clothing once for a doll and then it stays this way
I only sell pieces I no longer need or I'm bored with
I collect clothing according to my doll's style
* 5. Do you prefer pre-made clothing, finished projects to choose from or do you prefer your own ideas?
My own ideas (made to order)
Pre-made clothing
* 6. What color do you like most on your dolls (max 3)?
Geometrical shapes (stripes, dots)
Vibrant colors (yellow, red, orange)
Blacks and grays
Floral patterns, swirls etc
Multicolor (whole rainbow)
White + color
Black + color
Earth colors (brown, beige, green)
Whites and cream
* 7. What style do you like the most in your collection? (max 4)
High fantasy (unpractical fantasy clothing ;P)
Everyday clothing (specific brands or patterns)
School uniforms
Punk, metal, goth
Jpop, Kpop etc
Simple everyday pieces (blouses, tshirts, trousers)
Classic elegance (gowns, suits)
Delicate clothes - tulle, ribbons, laces (also lolita)
Fantasy (medieval fantasy - armor pieces, tunics, vambraces etc)
* 8. What clothing piece sounds most appealing to you? (max 4)
Weapon holsters
Blouse (hoodie)
De-attachable hood (for example on shirt)
Armor pieces (armlets, gauntlets etc)
Shirt / tshirt
Bag / backpack
Shirt with frills/lace
Belts (hip belt or belts for leg, arm etc)
Leather accessories (collar, gloves, hand accessories)
Gloves / long gloves
Armwarmer/ legwarmer
Dress (one piece)
Cloak / cape
* 9. Do you prefer buying whole set or seperate items?
Whole set
Half set (for example jeans + belt, shirt + armwarmers)
Buy separately every piece
* 10. What do you need THE MOST for your doll (and you think is difficult to find)
Outer-wear (cloaks, capes, jackets)
Unusual clothing (for example for dolls with bird legs)
Small clothing pieces (armwarmers, legwarmers, vambraces)
Accessories (belts, chains, pins)
Head-wear (hats, crowns, headbands)
* 11. Do you prefer clothing pieces with tight fit or loose?
* 12. Considering you want this item, what price range would interest you for a set with two pieces (shirt and trousers, dress and petticoat)?
Over 55$ if it's detailed (buttons, pockets, laces)
Under 20$
* 13. Is time a valid factor when you order clothing (not pre-made)?
Yes, but only if this item is complicated
No, I prefer it made well
Yes, I want my item as soon as possible
* 14. How important is to you "inside" of clothing? (lining, stitching inside of piece)
Not that important if it prevents clothing from being too bulky
Very important (I want it fully professional)
I don't care about it
* 15. Do you think there is something missing in the world of dolly clothing or accessories? What would you buy for your doll but cannot find it?
* 16. What contact do you prefer the most? (max 2)
Through shop (etsy, ebay etc)
Facebook (chat)
Facebook (private message)


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