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HERCULES TROPHY 2016 - Your opinion is important

Hercules Trophy 2016 (ENG)

1. Please give us your opinion about the venue and environment (5 = maximum)
Accessibility of Promenada Country Club
Promenada Country Club as a venue
Parking facilities
Breakfast buffet
Lunch service
Hercules Kids Area
Snacks service
The Village
Dinner service
* 2. Overall appreciation-questions (5 is maximum score)
Website accessibility
Pre-event customer service
Social media interaction
Brain Labour
Captains briefing
Warming up
Opening ceremony
CxO pétanque
Award Ceremony
* 3. Overall appreciation of our crew (5 is maximum score)
International crew
Referee and general scorekeeping
Marshalls and Monitors
Catering crew
* 4. Rate the following labours (5 is maximum score)
Sky Bike
Masters of the Seas
BMW Challenges
Shooting Range
Waiter Race
Bumper Ball
Giant Track
Rodeo Bull
Monster Truck
Truck Pulling
5. General questions
NoProbably noProbably yesYes
Did the atmosphere within your company improve due to the Hercules Trophy?
I would recommend the Hercules Trophy to my friends
I would consider inviting my customers next year
Will you be back next year?
6. Describe in one sentence what you think was so great at the Trophy. We'll use it as a reference (your name will be used)!
7. Tell us what you want us to improve next year
8. Please provide your data (not mandatory)
Name and Surname
E-mail address


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