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Coaching Techniques Workshop

1. From the list below what area you would like to know more?
When we should use coaching and when it is recommended to use other techniques (training, evaluation, feedback, mentoring, therapy)?
On which levels and how we work during a coaching process (behaviors, skills, convictions, beliefs, values)?
How to prepare to a coaching session (preparation of coach and coachee)?
What is important in establishing a coaching agreement?
How to effectively set developmental goals (developmental goals vs business goals)?
What phases contain the coaching process? How to conduct a coaching process step by step?
How to conduct a day of coaching on the job (sales coaching) step by step? How to manage your time during the coaching day?
How to keep the coachee engaged in the progress, motivate during and after the sessions?
How to effectively use GROW model during coaching sessions – practical training and adaptation?
How to use coaching during the IDP session?
How to build atmosphere of trust and intimacy during coaching process?
Why sometimes coaching doesn’t work?
Which questions are really powerful which are risky?
How to use SBI (Situation-Behavior-Impact model) sharing feedback during a coaching process?
How to generate new awareness for a coachee?
2. What is the most challenging/difficult thing for you in a coaching situation?
3. What is obvious thing for you in coaching and you feel you don’t need to cover it again?
4. What other questions connected with coaching or developing others do you have?


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